Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A thousand tiny brushstrokes

I've been working on this painting for quite a while now, or shall I say not working on this painting for quite a while now, and it has been giving me many guilt pangs. But I started it up again earlier this week, and this afternoon have been really enjoying myself. This is what I see when I work on it, because to reach across a big sheet of paper like this, I have to twist it upside down or sideways sometimes.

Sometimes it's easy to think that making art is all about the Grand Gesture, or the Next Big Idea. But I find when I start to get hung up on those things, I just get hung up altogether and stop painting. I have to remember that it's not about making one huge masterpiece for all time, but about making a thousand tiny brushstrokes, lovingly and happily repeated over and over.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Well I hope everyone had grand holidays and is ready for a brand new decade. This is actually my golden year, and it is starting out nicely. I just had a lovely, relaxing evening watching Columbo and sketching. Now off to bed.