Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tub Cats

Lester loved to hang out in the tub all day. Sometimes Noreen (my other cat) would join him.

After I finished the painting and was looking at it and feeling pretty good about it and especially about how the knobs turned out, I realized I had forgotten the spigot. I think my train of thought was, I especially like the faucet. Wait! There is no faucet! How annoying is that? Oh well. One small caveat: this painting is inspired by my cats, but my bathroom does not necessarily look this grimy.


  1. LOL on the spigot... this is wonderful - i love it.

  2. i wouldn't have noticed. too much other good stuff goin' on!

  3. So beautiful And hilarious. I love the cat's expression!

  4. The colors are fantastic! What spigot?? Never noticed. I'm sending this to my black-cat friends :)

  5. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Well, I don't know what a spigot is anyway:)
    Fantastic painting!