Friday, April 25, 2008

Trying to relax

Most of the paintings I make are fairly tightly rendered, and sometimes I feel like I start to spiral into a maze of details and lose sight of why I love painting in the first place. When that happens I like to take out my acrylics and do whatever. I try to forget about how it will turn out and just put paint on paper.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    These are really lovely. I like the strong composition of them! I did this a few weeks ago and it felt like a holiday. It was as though I didn't want to go back to my other way of working, but strangely I kind of did, but I feel much more loosened up now!:D

  2. Boy, don’t I know that one. Detailed illustration constrains, wild acrylics liberate! I once had a studio in my basement, the sole purpose of which was to ‘sling paint’. Or attack the canvas, ha, ha. Equipped with a loud stereo, buckets of acrylics and canvases taped along the walls.
    You can see a couple of them here:

    (not the tight geometric painting)

    Next time I move I think I’ll do it again.

    Great paintings – the colours are fantastic. I can feel the joy of your brush-strokes . . .

    Otherwise agree with Jess.