Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Red Bird

Here is the finished painting. It is oil on acrylic-gessoed paper, and it will be mounted on hardboard. This piece will be in the group show Pop Euphoria which will run from December 6 through January 9. A portion of every sale will be donated to the Toys for Tots charity. link


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    This is so lovely. It feels familiar - not reminiscent of anything in particular, just familiar, like a place I've been before, or ought to have been.

  2. Your work is just so fantastic. And really, the sketch that you put down on the paper prior to painting was just as lovely.

  3. those roots are amazing. wonderful, wonderful.

  4. Wow! It's beautiful!

    We're so excited to get an advance viewing!

  5. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I adore this piece! The red stands out so beautifully and I could just lose myself in those roots!

  6. Congratulations on your work!

    a portuguese fan

  7. Hi there Kristin. I absolutely salivate for your paintings. You are such an incredible artist... which is why I Tagged you. I want everybody to see your amazing blog.

  8. I love seeing your process and the finished work. What an amazing blog you have and I love your style and your generous spirit of sharing! Oh and a fellow Capricorn, now how nice is that! Keep blogging and creating!

  9. Wow this is so nice. Wish I was in MA so I could stop by and see it in person. I do have a friend in Quincy so I'll pass it on to her-she might be able to stop by.

    Love your illustrations and all of your work.

    Thanks for sharing,