Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Spring in Ontario

I'm in Ontario right now as my husband is acquiring his greencard. It's a frustratingly long process, but I'm very glad I'm here to enjoy the springtime. Spring is absolutely my favorite time of year, and usually it seems like it's over in an eyeblink, but it seems to last longer here in Canada.
The trilliums are very beautiful in Ontario, and there are so many! We've seen lots of red ones too.
These baby robins were sleeping peacefully when I took this picture from David's shoulders. Their mother watched us the whole time.


  1. Besutiful spring, oh how I love you! Love this post Kristen!

  2. Good luck to your husband, and enjoy the time away. I can't believe how fat those baby robins look:) Yes, Spring is a wonderful time of year!